Thursday, 26 February 2009

Signs of Spring????

Here are a few pics of the sheep and lambs in the walnut grove and some other signs that maybe spring is not too far around the corner. You can just see a couple of little lambs in the background.

Pink primroses growing in the grass, what a joy! I've made this picture my screen saver I thought it was really pretty and you can see the sunlight.

These are new buds on the Lilac bushes.

This is our walnut grove. The little chemin (road) you can see goes down to the millhouse, a beautiful double fronted house down in the valley next to the river.

These grow freely, but I don't know what they're called, they're very pretty though as the flowers go through shades of pink to lilac and blue all on the same plant. Nature is a wonderful thing!

Of course, daffs, Spring wouldn't be Spring without them. Just coming into bud.

Can you see this little lamb hiding behind the hurdle, I couldn't get any closer to him, he was very nervous. Not used to the paparazzi me thinks!

Again the sheep and their lambs in our field. You can just see the fence which is our border with our neighbour. If you look really closely there is a little one lying down in the sunshine.

Thank you Hen at Henhouse who left a comment on my last post saying perhaps I could post some pics of the sheep. I'd like to say thank you because when I went out in the garden yesterday afternoon to take the piccies, the sun was warm and bright, and it made me realise again what a lucky thing I am to live where I do. When we first came to live here in France it was like being on holiday for quite a long time, things were all very new and exciting. But then, as with anything or anywhere, you settle into your normal daily life and lose sight of the plus points when you get weighed down by the minuses. It isn't always easy, even when you speak the language there is still a language barrier, what they say about french bureaucracy is very true, loads of bits of paper and all in a foreign language. The people however have always been kind and helpful, we couldn't wish for better french neighbours and we have all this lovely scenery.

One thing though is that we are very much in the french countryside, unfortunately unless I travel to one of the cities I don't have the access to all the shopping opportunities I would like, but maybe I will have to just get in the car and have some days out.

I think it's the old thing of "is your cup half full or half empty?" - I think mine is definitely half full, the thing is not losing sight of that fact!!

Take care and enjoy your day
Love Nickyx


Shabby Chick said...

Hi Nicky

Definitely looking springy there! Love the way those primroses seem to be stretching up for the sun :) I think where you lives looks beautiful.

We used to have those plants without a name in the garden where I lived as a child and called them Soldiers & Sailors but I don't think that's their real name!

Mel xxx

Pixiedust said...

What a beautiful place you live in. xx

thriftymrs said...

I saw some lambs the other day too. Spring is certainly on it's way.
Beautiful photographs thanks for sharing.

i cant sew said...

love it all!! i am looking forward to autumn here in sunny queensland. there have been a few cooler mornings and nights and i just love it. your photos just make me want to MOVE to france!

bex said...

lovely lovely pictures! i want a wallnut grove now!

Anonymous said...

How gorgeous! The sheep flowers and the sun I cant wait.LOL, here its slowly but surely coming into spring.Its to be 50 today after some rain.So much better than the ice and bitter cold we have had this winter.You live in a gorgoeus place Nicky!By the way I love lambs and sheep.Thanks for sharing the pics!

Thecraftytrundler said...

Lovely spring pics!! By the way, that plant you don't know the name of is Pulmonaria (Lungwort). Mine is certainly not as advanced as yours!!
Have a lovely week : )

Sharon xx

lou said...

Hi Nicky, beautiful photos!!!
And you get home sick, I know where I would rather live, all of it looks so beautiful.
Think of all those places I could hide my chickens…love Lou xxx


Lovely post i cant wait to get back to france now after having seen this post
alas flights are still too flipping dear at the moment have to watch our pennies
only thing french lately is the french bills that have popped through our door and at 25pds a go to transfer money to bank account in france well it all adds up

gingerwine said...

I would love to be in that sunshine!

Love Sam x