Wednesday, 25 February 2009

I got lots done yesterday...................

HI, hope you're all well and happy today. I had a pretty productive day yesterday I have to say.
The weather has brightened up a bit and feels somewhat springlike, although still cold and frosty this morning. We have new baby lambs in the orchard, our neighbour puts his sheep in there to keep the grass down. It's more a walnut grove really as we have 27 walnut trees.
The little bits and bobs above were done whilst sitting in front of late night tv, the two tiny hearts I thought might look pretty attached to something like a purse or wallet. and the little bow is the beginning of a prototype corsage. We'll see how it comes out, still needs some tweeking.

I spent most of the morning in the bathroom, tidying and painting. With a project like ours there are always unfinished bits that can't be finished until something else is done - if you follow me. The bathroom is mostly all painted tongue and groove on the walls. I wanted to sand the wood around the cupboard and paint it white. I have a curtain hanging there at the moment but my other half tells me that one day it will have doors, although I quite like the curtain. The pipework will be boxed in one day, but I'm very tempted to paint it the colour of the walls in the meantime, just to make it look better. I think this may be a girl thing as my other half says it's a waste of energy as it's going to be boxed in. I think I may paint it though, as I don't know when it's going to get boxed in. (Sorry if I'm rambling)

This is another thing I did last night in front of the the TV (the other half was away yesterday and overnight so I took advantage). I painted the basket I keep my hairdryer in and then made a pretty fabric lining for it. This has brightened it up no end - don't you think?

Back to the bathroom. The wall below is the first coat of lime render, so do excuse it. To the right you can just see the cupboard I was talking about and the curtain. I'm showing you this picture as I'm thinking of painting this linen basket too - what do you think? I'd probably do it the colour of the basket above as they're all in the same room. You can also see I painted the toilet brush holder too, thought I'd share that with you! If it didn't move I painted it yesterday

Oh, I nearly forgot, I also made two more cushions for my friend. Just the pelmet to do now, when it's all done and in place I'll post some photos.
Holly has been enjoying the her first couple of days holiday and the luckily the weather is bright and dry so she has been playing with the little ones who live in the converted barn just up the road from us.
Well I'm off to do some more bits and bobs.
Take care.


MelMel said...

I'd paint the pipes!
.......Olly says stuff like that to me, but as you say how long will it be before it gets done!

The basket would be lovely painted up.....and the curtain makes the bathroom look cosy.....I love the painting on the wall!

Great idea to line your hairdryer basket!xxx

Hen said...

I agree with Mel - it could be ages until the pipes are boxed in (if my house is anything to go by) so I'd show them the paintbrush! Think the basket would look good painted, too. How about a few piccies of the lambs in the walnut grove - sounds idyllic. Please...???
Hen x

bex said...

hey!! i like your hair dryer box!! and the little hearts look great... i think they woud make agreat addition to purses

Hollypop's said...

Thanks for your comments girls, I think I will paint those pipes later.
This is for MelMel I can't read you blog anymore now its private what do I do, if anyone knows please let me know.

Anonymous said...

I love the hairdryer basket as well.My hangs on the wall not to lovely.LOL.My bathroom is very small though and its just me,but not too much space.Love the little tidbits on the above picture.Have a great day Nicky!By the way I have big flower sort of victorian hearats with lace on either side of my window in a room upstairs they look really nice beside my lacy pricilla type curtains.I thought you might like that idea,maybe you could make them bigger and do that.Just a thought.Take care!

Anonymous said...

That was heart not hearats LOL.

Shabby Chick said...

Hi, the hairdryer basket looks great! I would paint the pipes and the basket. If your husband is anything like mine you'll probably get the boxing done just before you move out ;)

Thank you for the comment yesterday, I was so stressed out but a lot better today.

Mel xxx

ShabbyInTheCity said...

You're cute :)

Love your projects!

Thecraftytrundler said...

I love tongue and groove in an old property. It is lovely,and cottagey, but is very practical too.
I have a few baskets, and after seeing yours, I am inspired to makeover mine!! Love those cute little hearts too!
I would paint the pipes, it wouldn't take too long, would it?

Have a lovely week : )

Sharon xx

lou said...

You sound like me I always like to make the best of something until it can be finished, my OH would leave it until he is ready to finish it, MEN, what are they like!
Looks like you have been busy again making lovely things!
I love seeing baby lambs, so cute; I hope you and the kids enjoy your half term.
Thanks for your lovely comment…love Lou xxx