Thursday, 19 February 2009

More tulips, Country Living and a bit of fabric!!

Well I went shopping the other day with Lucy, we went up to the city looking for a fabric shop another friend had told me about. We found it, despite my appalling sense of direction and after parking the car walking in the wrong direction, asking in a shop and then walking back the way we'd come. But hey we got there eventually. When we did find it I was quite surprised it was pretty big and on three floors, dress fabric and trimmings on the ground, furnishing and trimmings on the top and some remnants, cushion inners and paint in the basement. I saw some lovely furnishing fabrics some beautiful red and cream linen toile de jouy which I fell in love with. The paint was Farrow & Ball, which was great BUT it was €59 for 2.5 litres and €99 for 5 litres. I think I'll wait until we visit the UK for that.

We'd already bought the red and cream toile de jouy and we were looking for something to co-ordinate with it. The toile de jouy is for the curtains, and some of the cushion covers, the red and cream ticking is for the window seat and I think I'm going to use it with the toile on some of the cushions. Also this little window is going to have a simple flat pelmet with toile on one side and the ticking on the other, tabs for hanging and I thought we'd alternate the toile and ticking for those, so hopefully it will look very pretty, country chic. I'll take some photos when I'm finished.

The beige and cream stripe was a remnant for me to go in the basket and the quilted fabric is to make a baby's changing bag.

This morning the sun came out and I had the urge for a mad tidy and dust around, including the cobwebs, which we get loads of. Always feel very self-satisfied afterwards I have to say. I even painted the window sill in the kitchen and touched up the walls a bit. Well it may be the temporary kitchen but I want it to be nice. The cushion above I've also made this morning for the chair at Holly's desk in her bedroom. The beige linen was a curtain I bought in the sale for the fabric last year, the paisley/floral fabric was the off-cut from the curtain in the bathroom and the pretty little pink bit in the middle was from a piece Sesga at Sesgaloves1950s sent me in the valentine swap, I've just used a little as I want to use some of it in one of my purses. I hope Holly will be chuffed when she comes home from school as it will be a surprise.

Also when we went shopping on Tuesday I treated myself to the new Country Living mag and some pink tulips. I just love tulips in the house they make me cheery and remind that spring is on its way. I've had a quick flick through, but will have to sit down with a cup of tea to enjoy if properly.

Well I'm off to hang out some washing as its quite bright today.
Take care and enjoy your day.


MelMel said...

Lovely fabric!
Pretty flowers!xx

Little Knitter Gem said...

Tulips are one of my favourites. My dad used to grow them in our garden when I was little, and at almost the precise moment that the Moomin was born, my mum and dad were in Amsterdam buying carved wooden tulips to bring home with them. So it always makes me smile to see them. They will hopefully be one of the flowers included in my bouquet when me and Mr Deravelled (finally) get married next January (even though they'll be out of season!!). :)

Gemma x x

P.S That fabric looks lovely!!

Shabby Chick said...

Hiya, great fabrics, your plans for them sound excellent :)

Thanks so much for your comment, I am going to be very busy!!!

Best of luck with half term, I only have one day left and I'm so pleased we're back to normal next week.

Mel xxx

sadie said...

three of my favourite things. Fabric, flowers and Country Living :O) I still haven't had a chance tolook through mine yet, but I'm usually a month behind! I can't wait for it to be delivered, have a quick flick through and then not find time to read it until weeks later! Typical. Same with Vogue.

Thanks for stopping by today :O) It's always nice finding a new name!

Have a lovely weekend
Sadie C

Thecraftytrundler said...

I'm really looking forward to seeing all those things you are making!!! You are really talented!
Love the tulips, and that cute cushion!!

Happy crafting : )

Sharon xx

Anonymous said...

Oh lucky you hanging out laundry,LOL.Its bitter cold here with 3 inches of snow.UGH!I love the fabric, and oh the tulips beautiful.I cant wait for spring.Cant wait to see the end results with the fabric.Have a lovely weekend Nicky!

Debbies-English-Treasures said...

Hi Nicky,
I had a look at your shop... and I love seing everything that you have done so far!
Enjoy reading your magazine!
Debbie Moss

P.S - I have an Award awaiting for you!

Anonymous said...

Yummy fabrics,look forward to seeing it all made up . The Fabric shop sounds fab .
Love the cushion cover thanks for the mention, I love that fabric too ,Its quiet french looking .
Love from sesga xx

lou said...

What more could a girl want tulips and a country living magazine! And not forgetting your gorgeous fabric, it sounds like heaven too me…love Lou xxx

i cant sew said...

my husband is totally jealous of you living in france.... he wants to pack everything up and go too. great pillow and those flowers do make you smile.

bex said...

great find!!! im shamelessly addicted to buying scrap bags from this great website i found!! i cant help it! i like tulips too, one of my favs

Shabby Chick said...

Hi Nicky

Sorry I didn't reply before! The ribbons are a bit of a mix from all sorts of places. A few of them are East of India from (70p/m) but the gingham ones are from

Hope you're having a great weekend

Mel xxx

sadie said...

hello Nicky!

thanks for your comment, and I had to chuckle. I'm the same with my magazines, and refuse flatly to get rid of any of my copies of Vogue. I just think that my little girl might grow up to love fashion, either as a designer or writer,so she'd need them as research!!!

I do have to draw the line though, so my rule is that Country Living is only kept for a year, which means I should only have 12 copies in the cupboard and then the stash throughout the current year (if you see what I mean). I let myself keep the copies that I just HAVE to keep because they are far too beautiful to recycle/give away/cut up, but I am ruthless with the rest. I can't get rid of my Martha Stewart Living mags (well, they are hard enough to get old of in GB) and the same with Mary Engelbreit and Victoria magazines. It's hard cutting them up sometimes, but I look at it as only keeping the best bits!!!!

Oh, and the montages work so well as hints on the front of the fridge. I made a mini montage last mothers day and actually got things that I wanted, which was flowers, champers and some Diorissimo! Works a treat - try it!!!
Sadie x

tales from an O.C. cottage said...

How in the world did I miss that Country Living???

M ^..^

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