Sunday, 8 February 2009

Guess what...Still not fixed!!!

Hi girls, hope you're all well. Well guess what - it's still not fixed. My friend came yesterday but he couldn't find the problem in the time he had. He only comes over at the weekend to be with his family and works in the UK in the week, so I felt a little guilty taking up his time. He did say though that as it's 7 years old now it's probably coming to the end of it's life. So me thinks there is a need for a new computer, could do without it now, but we really need one, so I think that's the way ahead. Other half says its pointless spending money trying to fix it if we're going to need a new one in the near future anyway.
So I'm here on my dear friend's computer, she says I'm very welcome to use it until we sort ours out, but please forgive me if I do not leave comments on your blogs like I would usually, it's just I don't like to take up too much of her time, but it's good to be able to keep in touch. No photos I'm afraid, I'll have to make up for that when I'm up and running normally again.
Guess what I sold one of my purses to a french lady the other day. Hoooray. I was at my friends as her french neighbour now comes on a Wednesday or we go to her house, as a way of us improving our french and Marie speaking English. She saw some that I'd taken to show Lucy and asked if she could buy one. I was so chuffed.
I have seen on the news all the snow you've been having in the UK and the cold weather, I hope you're all ok and that your lives aren't too disrupted by it. Luckily we haven't had any here.....yet! We've had some very frosty nights, but thankfully no snow. They never grit the country roads where we are or even the main road into town, it can be like a skating rink.
Had some wood delivered yesterday, this is only form of heating, we have a big woodburner in the lounge, we had just about run out when he came, so boy was I pleased to see him.
I received my valentine swap from Sesga yesterday, and she sent me some lovely things, which I will definitely do a post on with piccies, but it may turn out to be after Valentine's Day by the time I get a computer sorted out. It was so nice to receive a parcel for me, I don't know about you, but the only post I seem to get as an adult female are bills or junk mail.
Anyway I'm going to go now, as Lucy is making me a hot chocolate.
Take care all.


Shabby Chick said...

Hi Nicky, it's lovely to get an update from you, and it's great that you loved your valentines swap goodies! I sent mine away on Thursday, just hoping that Janette likes them!

Seven years is quite a good life for a computer, ours is about 5 years old and has broken down quite a few times and my hubby has had to fit a few new (expensive) bits so you might well be right about getting a new one.

Well done for selling a purse, that's brilliant news :)

Mel xxx

gingerwine said...

Soo sorry to hear about your computer, must be sooo frustrating!

sam xx

Thecraftytrundler said...

Hope you find a PC at a good price. It will be lovely to get back blogging & posting to your full potential.
This PC is my daughter's, and she will be having it back, when she has room for it. So I need one soon.
Will have to speak to my PC building friend.

Sharon xx

bex said...

im glad that everything is ok over on your side of the water. congrats on selling a purse...its a great feeling isn't it?
there has been alot of snow here in cheltenham but it hasn't affected me, personally, too much (i live to close to work!)
i hope that finding a new pc goes well and isn't too pricy