Saturday, 28 February 2009

I painted my linen basket!!!

You wouldn't believe how pleased I am to get this post on. Three times this morning I've managed to delete the photos by accident.
Anyway, I've painted my linen basket in the same pale blue I painted my hairdryer basket and I'm pretty pleased with how it has turned out. Much prettier than before.

This is a little hanging heart I made to add a little extra prettiness. It's made from some old french linen, with a little heart in the fabric I lined the hairdryer basket with. A few pearly beads and some pretty white ribbon. I pulled it through in a few places around the edge, like you see on mattresses to give a quilty effect, hope you like it.

These super monograms are on an old linen dowry sheet. I'm going to do something with these maybe a cushion, I'm not sure yet, any ideas? The rest of the sheet I use to make hearts and things as it has a seem up the middle and a few repairs in places.

I love these old sheets, they're so tactile and beautiful with their wonderful embroided initials. I have one on our bed which I use like a throw with the top turned back so you can see the oh so pretty embroidery.
Enjoy your weekend.
Take care


i cant sew said...

i think you have perfected your hearts wel done. i use pinking shears to make mine 'pretty' round the outside. love the monogram set. not sure what you could do but they are nice.
%*_*% rosey

Hen said...

The linen basket is looking really good. What a beautiful sheet. yes, I think cushions would be nice, maybe bordered with some pale floral fabric. I have spent this morning making cushions so I am in a "cushiony" mood! Hope you're having a great weekend.
Hen x

bex said...

wow! your basket looks great.....and i love love love the sheets with initials on! i think your right,they'd make great cushions!x

MelMel said...

That looks super painted up!

Really lovely!xxx

Anonymous said...

I love the basket, just gave me an idea, LOL.I have a mauve one I would love to paint white.Love the sheets as well.Looks like you are enjoying the weekend,take care!

lou said...

You have done a fab job on the linen basket, it looks lovely!!!
Look forward to catching up with what you have been up too when I get back.
Thanks for your lovely comment…love Lou xxx

Flossie and Tom said...

Love the linen basket - I have some painting to do but keep putting it off.

I love those french sheets - we bought one back with us from the Loire last year.

Have a great weekend


Shabby Chick said...


The basket looks gorgeous! I would probably use the monograms for the centre of a cushion with a border, like Hen said. Or perhaps you could frame them? You're so lucky to have them, I always ogle the pretty ones on ebay but can't afford them!

Mel xxx

MaryPoppins said...

The linen basket is beautiful, please may I ask what paint you used I have been searching for a pretty blue I like, seven shades later I have not found one I like, though your basket looks perfect :)

I have purchased some white monogram cushions from Ikea with my Initials on, how perfect is that,my friends comment on them thinking they are a fabulous vintage finds, ummmm no £7.00 from Ikea :)


MaryPoppins said...

Have realised probably won't be able to purchase the paint you used over here :)


Ali ~ Betty & Violet said...

The basket is so pretty, I have a collection of bits that I keep meaning to get around to painting, but they are still under the bed...

The monogram sheets are beautiful!

Thecraftytrundler said...

Lone the basket, and that gorgeous blue!! That little heart is lovely!! The monogrammed linen is beautiful, you certainly live in the right place.
I don't know how big the monograms are, but another idea would be to make sachets, edge them with lace, and fill with lavender, or pot pourri. If you wanted to hang them from a coat hanger, all you would need to do is sew some white satin ribbon on them. That would also make a lovely present for someone with that initial.

Have a lovely week : )

Sharon xx