Friday, 23 January 2009

This week, valentine bear and other stuff!!

Well girls this week has been a bit dreary in more ways than one. We have had soooo much rain I'm starting to think I may have to build an ark! It poured all night and this morning it was like a monsoon with high winds too. The river has burst it's banks on the way into town I notice so we'd better go down to the Mill (this is a holiday home owned by some friends which is at the end of the road which runs down the side of our place....hope you followed that!) to see if all's well as being on the river sometimes it can come up into the garden a fair ways.

I've managed to make the little bear above 'valentine bear' I've called him and have started a heart and crocheted a few more squares for that blanket. It's been one of those weeks where it's been hard to apply myself, I think it may be because it was the anniversay of my dad's death last Friday and is the anniversary of his funeral on Sunday and I think it's sort of in the back of my mind. You don't want to dwell on these things but sometimes they just pop in your head. A friend called in on Wednesday, she was over in her holiday home here for a few days as sadly she'd had the funeral of her dad last Saturday. He died from Alzheimers, like my dad.

Anyway enough gloomyness. Yesterday evening I sat down and unpicked a quilted cushion cover I had, one of those large square ones, never had a pad big enough for it and I was thinking of all the things I might be able to do with the fabric. It's a pretty red and cream toile de jouy quilted fabric and the cream and red striped fabric was the back of the cushion.

After reading A Thrifty Mrs blog about what to do with a spare 15 minutes I thought I'd shorten the curtain on the cupboard in the bathroom. I've been meaning to do this job for ages, well since I hung the curtain there in the first place really. Do you know it probably only did take me about 15 mins as well. I felt quite satisfied afterwards as well - another job done. The bathroom is by no means finished yet, we are still very much a work in progress here, as you can see the cupboard isn't finished but I think the curtain prettys it up a bit in the meantime. Again the bit of fabric I cut off the bottom I've put in the basket for a little project.
Finally today, I'd like to say how much I enjoy reading all your blogs, they certainly help to cheer you up on a grey day. Those of my bloggy friends with health problems at the moment, I am sending you lots of positive thoughts and hope you feel better soon.
This last photo is taken out of the bathroom window, which looks down our back garden. The roof you can just see is that of the lean-to which is still on the back of the barn, one day this will be removed to make way for the new kitchen. I'm not sure when that will be, I'm very happy in my very small (cupboard size) temporary kitchen for the time being. It may not be big, no fitted kitchen unit in sight but it works. I'll post a photo to show you if I can get the angle right!
I hope you all enjoy great weekends. We are off to some friends for a Burns Night supper so that should be fun - (I've never been to one before) - I'll let you know what happens.
Take care all.


Flossie and Tom said...

Well done -hats great for fifteen minutes - I am one of lifes putter offers - if you know what I mean - must try and improve.

Love the bear - he looks really happy



Nice view from the bathroom and i love your fabric stash
have a great night with your friends

lou said...

The Bear is so cute!!!
When you make do for a long time, when everything is finished you appreciate it so much more, I remember when we finished our house, it felt like heaven!!!
Yours will look lovely when it is all done, and what a view you will have.
Have a good time tonight…love Lou xxx

Shabby Chick said...

Cute bear! That curtain fabric is lovely. One really reassuring thing I've found about the people I've found blogging is that unlike the people in the homes magazines (who practically change everything within 6 months it seems) we are more likely to be taking our time and seeing things evolve slowly. Perhaps it's just to make me feel better but I think that more rewarding than choosing everything in a week and getting it all done at once.

Hope it stops raining soon and I hope you are OK, the first anniversary must be really tough.

Mel xxx

i cant sew said...

my heart goes out to you when you are feeling so sad. my brother in laws father was a wonderful man and his funeral really paid tribute to his spirit and legacy that will never be forgotton. big (((hugs))) to you.

bex said...

hello!! i like your little bear. im sorry to hear that you have had lots of rain...somtimes rain at night is good...when your tucked up in bed (especially because our bedroom is in the attic of a big house) because it sounds extra good.
i hope you feel better soon!! im going to go on a protest.....BRING ON SPRING!

Shabby Chick said...

Can't believe you're still having horrid weather, we seem to be having a reprieve today :)

Hope you're having a lovely weekend, I'm feeling loads better and am very grateful for it!

mel xxx

Anonymous said...

Hello !!
Such a cute bear !!
If its any consolation I lived with a small lean to kitchen and my bathroom was a Shed like thing attached to the kitchen .After 5 yrs of living with it we finally got a new extension put in its place .So I know how you feel ,my house is old and it needed loads of work we are almost there .I really appreciate my kitchen now .

Please can you email my your address Im going to send your parcel this week some time ,Im so exited to do this swap !!!

I hope you have a great night
love from sesga xx

bekimarie said...

I've given you an award xxx

Thecraftytrundler said...

Lovely basket of fabric!! I agree with Mel. You definitely appreciate your home, and what you have more, if you have to work for it, and it evolves gradually. The same thing happened in my second house. It had belonged to an old lady, and needed everything doing to it. It was so lovely, and worth it in the end!!! Can't wait to see yours progressing!
Hope you had a great evening with your friends!

Sharon xx

Sal said...

Hi there..I just discovered your blog,which is wonderful!! Love the little valentine bear ;-)

MaryPoppins said...

Lovely to meet you and what a gorgeous Blog you have and what a gorgeous bear :)

Our refurbishment is taking forever, we were told approximately 8-12 weeks for all the structural stuff, we are now in week 35 or something :)

We shall get there, one day


wordsofwisdom said...

beautiful blog

Anonymous said...