Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Girls - can you help?????

Girls I could do with picking your brains. I desperately need some new slippers and thought I'd have a go at making some. Just something simple - maybe ballet style. I wondered if any of you clever girls had seen any patterns or could give me some advice.

We are in 'phone a friend' stage. This is what Holly's doing as I write this, her friend has just rang and they are having a long discussion about Pokemon and books. It's quite amusing to listen to her babbling away in french. Most evenings she gets in from school and someone rings who she has been with all day - I'd forgotton what it was like. I think it must be a girl thing, I don't remember it so much with the eldest.

I do enjoy reading all your blogs, a little peep into your lovely homes and what you've been making has really cheered me up today. I'm not really grumpy today !!!!.........

Yesterday I just felt like I didn't achieve anything, spent the afternoon hanging around for the car only to get back to the garage and be told they hadn't been able to do all they had to and I have to take it back tomorrow afternoon. In the morning I had to go and see someone, no appointment system so had to wait for an hour for the person in front of me to finish only to be told when i finally did see her to go back this morning with some more bits of paper. It's very true what they say about french bureaucracy, they love bits of paper.

Anyway I promise not to moan anymore am going to go and apply myself to something constructive .............

Hope you have some good ideas about the slippers.



Hen said...

Hi Nicky,
I made some ballet style slippers a while back from a Favorite Things pattern which I bought from You can make them with or without straps. My only problem has been how to make the sole relatively hard wearing. I've just used felt but the pattern calls for "Jiffy-Grip" which has rubberised markings on the bottom. I've had no luck finding it though. You can see photos of the slippers on my blog/Flickr. I also attempted to make some from the Sew Pretty Homestyle book but they turned out tiny! I've yet to try enlarging the pattern.
Hen x

MelMel said...

I was just going to say, i bet Hen can help you, she makes lovely slippers!

She beat me to it!LOL

Will be nice to see the finished ones....:>)

MelMel said...

Hi me again..just seen the other lovely comment...thank you for the support....xx

Shabby Chick said...

Thanks for sharing that with me, it helps to know others have been through similar and how you cope. Your poor Holly, it must be hard knowing that the little madam at school is upsetting her, but it sounds like Holly's a bright little thing :)

Sorry I have no idea on the slippers, sounds like a great idea but I've never dared venture into the clothing side of sewing.

Mel xxx

bekimarie said...

Can't help with the slippers i'm afraid but I did chuckle at your daughter on the phone, Jess is exactly the same, always promises it will be a quick phone call and then will be on there for ages. I always dread the phone bill coming in.
Can't wait to receive the bear!
Beki xxx

i cant sew said...

no idea about how to make slippers but one of my followers aunt pitty pat has a slipper swap badge on her sidebar. perhaps you could click on it and get some ideas. good luck
p.s. i remember racking up a $300 phone bill talking to friends i had seen just spent all day with!!!!

lou said...

I can’t wait to see your knitted slippers, good luck!
I would love to have ago!
Thanks for your lovely comment, my son loves doing art, he always has done from about the age of 3.
Love Lou xxx

Shabby Chick said...

I hope you're right and it is just a blip, my little one was up at 5am today! Well, now my eldest is at preschool and the other is asleep at last I'm going to take your advice and have a kip :)

Mel xxx

Things Hand Made said...

I know waht you mean about not being able to motivate yourself. I blame january!

Anonymous said...

Try burda style the have free downlodabl patterns .Just enter burda style you should get the web site .from sesga xx