Monday, 5 January 2009

Monday, Monday......

Back to school this morning. Was vaguely aware of my eldest going into the bathroom at 6.30am (he catches the bus at 7.20) - rather him than me. Then dozed off and got up at 7.30. Holly was up already playing playmobile. Did the school run, very cold this morning about -4 although not as bad as yesterday. My sister, her husband and my niece (not forgetting their very cute dog, Harry) came over for coffee yesterday morning and she told me it was -8. (Enough of the weather report). We drank tea and ate biscuits and chatted. My niece was going back to the UK yesterday evening so it was nice to see her again before she left.

I had to run some errands in town this morning. Went to the garage to try and sort the car out - my french didn't come easily this morning, I think my brain was cold. Then I had to go into the eldest's school to sort something out there, luckily it was very warm in there and the old brain had thawed a bit. It is weird how it goes with the language - somedays you can chat away and others it's like being struck dumb, the words, grammar all seems to go out of the window and you resort to hand signals.

I spent some of the afternoon blogging and taking some photos ready to put on. Ironing joy of joys .... never has been my most favourite past-time, but very satisfying when you see the neat pile at the end. Oh by the way, the washing machine froze yesterday, I should explain that I have a very small 'temporary' kitchen at the moment until the 'real' one is built on the back of the barn, so the washing machine is in what we affectionately call the pigsty, natural stone shed, no doors, and is surrounded with insulation and blankets to keep it warm in the winter, the washing machine that is - not the pigsty!! Happily it defrosted today though so was able to use it.
Picked Holly up from school at 4.30 and back home to have something to eat before her violin lesson. Other half took her for that so I could get our meal ready, curried chicken with spicy veg and lentils tonight.
It's just after 8pm here now and I'm going to tuck Holly in and then I'm going to crash out on the sofa with, yes you've guessed, a cup of tea and maybe one of those fancy chocolates still left from Christmas. Well someone has to eat them!!
Hope you all have a good evening.


Shabby Chick said...

I feel so guilty saying I'm cold when it's so freezing where you are!!! I haven't actually ventured out the last two days but I have to tomorrow to take my eldest to preschool (which will be a battle as always, so even less of an exciting prospect!).

Mel xxx

lou said...

It must great being able to speak French; my English is not too good so I think I would struggle, maybe I could just live with my chickens in France…Lou xxx