Friday, 16 January 2009

Hearts and crochet squares!

I thought I'd give you a quick update on what I've been doing. After being inspired by all the pretty hearts I've seen on blogs lately I thought I'd have a go myself. Here are the results - my first hearts! I used a pretty little piece of vintage fabric I bought on Sunday at the antiques market on the fronts and on the back of one is a small pink/white gingham and on the other a small gold/red provencal print. I've attached the ribbon for hanging and sewn a little felt heart with a button in the middle on top. I have to say I'm pretty pleased with the result.

These are the squares I've crocheted so far towards a little blanket for Holly's bed, I'm quite pleased with these too as I haven't crocheted for years. I've even tried to crochet some little flowers after seeing them on Hen at Henhouse When I finish it I will let you know!

Well I'm off now, I have a mountain of ironing which I've been looking at all week, you can tell how much I enjoy doing it can't you?

Hope you like my hearts. Take care and have a good weekend.



Shabby Chick said...

Aww I like the hearts! That provencal print takes me right back to holidays in Nice, lovely. The crochet's coming on well isn't it!

Mel xxx

bexsbuttons said...

the hearts look lovely. therre such a good way to have your favorite fabrics out on display without having to cut too much out of them!!! the blanket sounds good too
take care

Hen said...

Hi Nicky,
What lovely crafting you have going on over there. Can't wait to see you finished blanket. Good luck with the flowers, I'm sure they will turn our great.
Hen x
P.S. Thanks for the awards/tags, will get round to soon.

Anonymous said...

Hi Holly!Im a new follower,love your page and things.Hearts are really cute.Looking forward to coming back and reading all of your blogs and stuff you make.I found you on Roseys page.OOps I see you are Nicky.Hi Nicky LOL.



lou said...

Hi Nicky, I do like those hearts!
I can’t wait too see your blanket finished, you have done loads already.
Did you swear in your post, I’m sure you used the word ironing????
Have a lovely weekend…love Lou xxxx

bekimarie said...

Can I pop my ironing over to you please? My pile is so high I really can't face it!
Your hearts look lovely and can't wait to see the blanket when it's finished.
I really want to learn to crochet, need to buy a book I think.
Sorry to hear about your Dad, hope you're ok today. I am thinking of you xxx
How old is Holly and Olli? Another mad woman with big age gaps lol.
I really wouldn't have it any other way though.
Take care
Big hugs
Beki xxx

MelMel said...

pretty hearts.....xx

i cant sew said...

great heart, i have made a promise to myself to make a heart to match every bird i make from now on... i have been wanting to get my name on my stuff how did you do that? i was even thinkng of using my letter tag thing i have for the girls uniform. did you buy your name tag from a shop or make it yourself? the blanket will be so sweet! %*_*%

bexsbuttons said...

hello! i tried etsy but i got a bit intimadated by the size of the site!!saying that...there are alot of tips and helpful advice througout the whole site. i think its a bit difficult to figur out the shipping costs because it has to be in dollars...aprt from that its ace!!!

gingerwine said...

Love Love Love your toys!! and your blog!
Sam xx

Shabby Chick said...

Glad it's not just me who hadn't heard of thrifting before. My friends round here don't do that type of thing, in fact I don't tend to even tell that I go to boot sales and stuff as they probably wouldn't really get it.

Re the Eqyptian dance thing, Mum has been doing Arabic dance since 1991 (basically the more highbrow version of belly dancing - we aren't allowed to call it that as it sounds v tacky and they don't know the moves properly!) and now teaches too sometimes. She's done a couple of shows that have gone well and ran a group for a while. She enjoys it, but I've never been into it, though I have really liked her shows, she's very good.

Hope you've had a nice weekend :)

Mel xxx

clare said...

Well I love your hearts but I don't like ironing unless it is fabric to sew .
Clares Craftroom

Thecraftytrundler said...

The hearts are cute, it must be great to get those lovely French fabrics. Look forward to see the crocheted blanket when it's finished too!
As for ironing, well the only ironing I like, is the ironing of new cottons that have been prewashed for
patchwork, or when I use vilene to iron applique patches on stitcheries etc!!!!

Joyeux blogging!

Sharon xx