Friday, 13 March 2009

Just a few pics!!

Daffodils are so jolly and look like they're smiling.

My vintage curtain pole ends, I love gilded things like old mirrors and these, they're so pretty particularly when they're worn a little.

A piece of vintage toile de jouy I have hanging on my wall because I can't bring myself to cut it up.

This is the card my sister gave me when Holly was born, it is now framed and hangs in her bedroom, I love the words.

Finally, Holly's first pair of shoes, they're so cute. It helps you not to forget how tiny they were.
Enjoy your day, I'm off to get ready now as I'm going fabric shopping with Lucy.
Take care.


i cant sew said...

how hard is it to part with kids stuff? three kids and no more room to hoard!! the kids each have a box for their memorabilia, lili has two the others hav one. love the card too.

bex said...

have fun fabric shopping lady!!!

Tillybud said...

Hi - new to your blog! The card is so lovely. I would have wanted to frame it too.

Surfer Rosa said...

You always show such lovely things - that toile is gorgeous.
Enjoy fabric shopping!


Country Bliss said...

Gorgeous piece of toile de jouy and such sweet shoes.
Yvonne x

Floss said...

Ah, lovely! We only have one of Son 1's first shoes (very similar to your Holly's!). He kicked the other one off from his push chair...

Anonymous said...

Love daffodils.I can see mine already breaking through the ground in one of my flower beds.The little shoes are cute, LOL.Enjoy fabric shopping,I wish it were me doing that about now ha.

Suzy's Vintage Attic said...

I love your curtain pole ends, very me! How nice to have kept those little shoes. Very precious aren't they. I enjoy looking at your blog.
Isabelle x

bex said...

Mel!! you one the give away on my blog!!! well done...if you could just email me your address (

Tabiboo said...

Such cute shoes! My poor little Tabi's feet are so small we can't buy her proper shoes at the moment though I am looking forward to her first 'Mary Jane's'

Nina x