Tuesday, 30 December 2008

10 Life Rules

Mel at Country in the Town has tagged me to write 10 life rules. I have to say this was not as easy as it sounds, so I gave it some thought and here's what I came up with. You tend to live your life everyday and never really sit back and assess don't you think?

1. Try to wake up jolly every day - it's just I don't do mornings!

2. Life isn't always perfect, but be thankful for the good things and try not to dwell on the bad.

3. Try not to judge too quickly, situations or people.

4. Tell those closest to you that you love them every day. I lost my dad to dementia at the beginning of the year and you wonder then if they really knew how much you cared.

5. Be focused and achieve the things I want to before I'm too old to enjoy them.

6. Say no when I mean no, it can be one of my failings to just smile.

7. Try to be kind and smile, maybe that small gesture will make someone else feel better today.

8. If I see something pretty that I like and can afford - buy it. I hate the 'I should have bought that' feeling when I get home.

9. Make time for yourself, this is not being selfish, even 10 minutes can make you feel better.

10. Try to stop breaking my favourite mugs in my butler's sink.

I understand I have to tag someone else, so I hope you don't mind, I've chosen,

Bekimarie at The ramblings of an everyday mummy

Niki at Nostalgia at the Stonehouse.



Shabby Chick said...

Thanks for doing it Nicky, I like your rules, especially trying to wake up happy and making time for yourself - one of my new year's resolutions. I know just what you mean about breaking things in butler's sinks we had one in our old house (and I miss it soooo much!) and we were forever smashing things in it.

Mel xxx

Rubyred said...

Hi Nicky,thank you for the compliment about my welcome sign,I made them a while ago with really soft fleece from Ikea.Lovin your life rules!Especially 1 and 6 Happy New Year to you and yours

Rachel x

MelMel said...

Hello Nicky....
Like the sound of living in France! bliss!

We had our Honeymoon in a little French cottage was the best week ever!

We hope to got later next year for Ollys birthday, our friends have couple of properties there...can't wait, just a different way of life, like England over 50 yrs ago!


MelMel said...

I love french home mags, my friend brings them over for me....
Your home, the snippets i can see, is adorable!x

i cant sew said...

excellent! number 9 is the hardest to do when you have children but my blog seems to be my escape! happy new year i will be back. %*_*% rosey

lou said...

Hi, I have come over from Country in the town, you lucky thing living in France, that is one of my dreams!!!

Number 6 and 10 I could defiantly agree with!

Have a lovely new year… Lou x

Nostalgia at the Stone House said...

Hi Nicky,
Thanks for tagging me!
I'm not very good at this kind of thing (I always vowed to keep my blog non-personal, but seemed to have slipped up along the way!...)
Please can I follow your rules, as I totally agree with them all, especially number 8! - although I haven't broken a mug in my butler sink, yet!)

Happy New Year,